Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter time!

                                                       The eggs we dyed.

                                                  Me hunting for Easter eggs.

                                                     Any eggies out here?

                                                       The Easter eggies I collected.

                   Happy Easter! Spring has officially sprung! Which means alot more pugs at the park! Today has been a great day! I ate pringles chips, I dyed eggs, I went for a Easter egg hunt and found some tasty eggies! My dad made ham, corn, potatoes, and we bought a cake for Easter Dinner! Of course I couldn't eat any of this, but I could smell it! I have some more great news! Carina is doing alot better now, and lots of people have been sending donations to that poor puggie! But, I also have bad/good news, the good news is they found Carina's sister, Carisa. She was at a different shelter but they are sure they are sisters, since they are the same age, and have similar issues. The bad news, Carisa also has severe Demodex Mange, not as bad as Carina though! So please continue to pray for them and send donations! Back to Easter news, mom said that the Easter Bunny visited today. I'm not so sure I'm happy with the idea of a giant bunny breaking into my house! But, since he left me some treats, I guess I'll let it slide this time! Did any of you feel the earthquake today? It lasted 45 seconds and it was like a 6.2 magnitude! I was sooooo scared! Well, gotta get back to playing games with the family, TOODLES!


  1. We are glad to see you having a fun Easter!

  2. Oh little Patty
    I am so glad you are safe and the Earthquake did not hurt you.
    45 seconds is too long for your bed to shake.
    Thank you for the update on Carina's sister, Carisa.
    We hope they get better soon.
    It was so terribly sad for all that to happen to them.
    On a happier note- what a fun time your Easter was! You are so privilidged to have so much fun