Sunday, April 18, 2010


                                                          "Give me my food already!''
            Hello all! My family is convinced that I'm trying to be the alphapug of the family. That is where they are wrong, I am not trying to be the alphapug, I am the alphapug! I peed on the bed the other day which kind of upset them and then they read on some site that dogs do that to be the alphadog. According to the site, I am peeing on the bed to cover up Nick's scent. Which is partially true... So now they are trying to make Nick the alphadog instead of me! They are feeding him first and giving him the first pick of toys! They think that if I'm the alphapug Nick would follow my lead and also act all crazy. Well, what can you expect from a pug puppy? 

      Anywho, today is an awesome day! For those of you who live in the Southern California area, you probably know where the O.C fairgrounds are. Well, Friday, Saturday, and today is the pet expo! There are tons of adoptable animals, and pet talent shows and booths all about animals! There is all sorts of goodies like dog treats, and accessories! Also, there is FOOD! The only thing missing is me. For some reason, you're not allowed to bring your pet unless you have a booth there. That is sooo not fair! How can you keep a pug away from all that stuff? I will ask my mom to take pictures to post on here of todays activities. Luckily, she agreed to buy me some goodies, which kind of makes up for it! Time for a nap, TOODLES!


  1. Patty I am soo the alphapug of the group. I came last to the family but I rule the roost. Mom was a little worried having me take charge, but it works out fine now. My sis is a push over really. A mouse could be alpha next to her. I don't recommend peeing on the bed though...maybe you can just try to lead when you all go for walks. Who ever leads is the alpha. Hope you get some tasty goodies from the expo!


  2. Hi Patty
    I am an only pug and sometimes I pee in the wrong place too. I keep my moms guessing for sure.
    That is so wrong that doggies could not go to the fair.! What kind of a deal is that.
    I think we need to protest!

  3. Yes, we definitely need to protest! That is almost animal cruelty! And thanks for the advice Tuni!