Monday, April 19, 2010

Whipped Cream for Penny!

                                                                My whippy cream dish!
                                                               "Oh...this is yummy!''
                                                           Sexy pose dedicated to Penny
                                                       ''Whippy cream all over my face!''
                                                            Mom trying to clean my face

                Hello all! I know that we have all been very upset about Penny the beefy and sexy pug's death. But we can all agree that her years were some great ones! I don't know very many moms that would drive to Starbucks whenever their puggy wished to get them whippy cream! I hope that she is having the time of her life at the bridge and eats all the whippy cream the world can offer! So today, in honor of Penny, Nick and I ate a dish of whippy cream, thinking of Penny and saying little prayers for her. Even though most of us didn't know her personally, we loved reading about her adventures each day! So please eat some whippy cream for her, and pray that she has a great life! There will never be a pug that replace her beefiness and sexiness! Rest in Peace Penny!


  1. We specially likes your sexy pose for Penny! Looks at the whip cream muzzle. No wonder Penny luved the stuffs so much!


  2. Hello Miss Patty. It's Josie here. You are pretty cute. That was such a nice thing for you do do for our dear friend Penny.
    My Grandma has a papillon named Patti and she also has 3 cocker spaniels. Buffy, Bradley, and Bailey.
    We are a house of 3 puggies. I have a brother named Anakin and A sister named Izzy.

    Your new friend,

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