Sunday, March 28, 2010

Patty the Pug is Back and Better than Ever!

                                                         "Can I have some more, please?''
                                                                 "Meat is yummy!''
"Any meat in here?''

        Helloooo! I know, I know... you are probably wondering where I have been this past month. Well, did it ever occur to you that a pug like me might have a life! I know, I can't even believe that one myself! But I can honestly say I have been very busy!! Anywho, I am now going to post at least once a week! Normally I will post more than that, but if I'm having a busy week then I'll try to make one post! So today dad is making meatballs and it wouldn't be complete without him sharing some with me so I gave him the pug stare and he gave me a small piece of ground beef! Ground beef is delicious!!!!!!!! Last week my owners went to the farmers market.....without me! They said that they couldn't take me that day because they were riding bikes there and I'm to fat to fit in their backpack! What is that supposed to mean? Maybe I should cut down a few treats........  Anyways, when they came back they were bragging about all of the good foods they ate there and how many dogs they saw...including a pug! I missed good food and a pug! It only made things worse when they mentioned how they had brought Nick before. If he can fit it in the backpack then why wouldn't I? He is alot bigger than me! Last night I wanted to watch T.V peacefully with my loving family when all of a sudden I heard a scream and started freaking out! Turns out it was coming from the the scary movie on the teletubby or whatever T.V stands for. So my family decided maybe it was best to change the channel. We ended up watching one of my fav. movies, Homeward Bound! That's all so toodles!


  1. Patty
    I have missed you. But you can see that I added you to my crystal ball so that when you did a story, I would know.
    I hope you have had some time to get your priorities in life taken careee- get the parents under control and all that.
    I do hope you got some of those meat balls that your dad was cooking. I can tell you are sorta feeling left out of life.
    Thank goodness there was a show on the noise box that you liked to watch

  2. We missed ya too! We are so blown away that you missed food and a pug. Maybe they should just get a bigger bag for you to ride in!